Monday, March 30, 2009

Another speed scrap and Template 22~

I'm still in recovery from last Friday's freebie spam! *lol* I hope you all are enjoying "Ready For Sun!" and making lovely pages that of COURSE you are going to show to me so I can squee at you! ;)

Anyway, tonight I got to host BAM's speed scrap! Here are the clues I came up with:
1. Choose three photos. Crop them so they are exactly the same size and shape (or as close as you can). You may use different pieces of the same photo if you wish (close-up on face, zoomed out view, etc, I'll count them as separate photos). You MAY rotate the shape. Be creative!
2. Choose exactly three papers, no more no less. One must have a visible print of some sort. One must be plain-textured. One must be either worn, folded, torn, or messed up in some way. You may use them as many times as you like, in any way you like.
3. Find an element that in some way mimics the shapes of your photos, and layer it behind each one. It can be as large or small as you like, and only needs to be visible enough that you can tell it's a similar shape. You may use your papers for this piece if you need to, but try to find premade elements. You MAY use 2-3 different colors of the same element.
4. Add exactly three ribbons, strings, or ricrac strands (long straight or curly ones, no bows unless they're part of a bigger piece).
5. Pick exactly three more elements and use them any way you like, as many times as you like.
6. Add a THREE WORD title, using at least two different fonts. You may use alphas, as long as they are different.
7. Journal and/or date if you wish, and three cheers, you're done!

LOTS of threes. And you know what's funny? I didn't realize until JUST NOW that a triangle has three sides and therefore follows that theme. *rofl* Here's my layout:

-yellow paper, ricrac from "Playtime" by geniaBeana
-blue/striped papers, black string, most other elements from "March Rainbow Challenge" by Christy Skaggs
-yellow stitches from "Chance of Rain" by Bon Scrapatit
-alpha from Sunshine Studio Mission 3, "Best of Both Worlds" by Aisyah Roslan
-torn paper, rough litho actions by Atomic Cupcake

I had so much fun with this one I decided to make it into a template so you guys can all play too. :)

Template 22
This has three little triangles for you to plunk your pictures into. There's plenty of white space for journaling or... just leaving white, lol, and STITCHES! Triangles can be funky, but you'd be surprised what pops out of your photos when you crop them into a new shape! Have fun with it!
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click on the preview to download!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mega Freebie Friday!

(If you haven't yet, be sure to check out my previous post for a blog train and minikit freebie!)

Before I get started with the FREEBIE SPAM, I need to catch up on a couple of layouts:
This is my contribution as part of Kaelira's unofficial "CT" for her very first kit ever! Very colorful! You can still snag the kit, Emma's Toybox, and the template used for this page (#19) over at her blog, a few posts back.

kit - Emma's Toybox by Kaelira
template - #19 by Kaelira
font - Tracy (the others were alphas)
actions - tear by Atomic Cupcake

This I made for BAM's first Recipe To Scrap. The requirements (taken from ScrapMatters' October rules) were:
1. Photo (as many as you want.)
2. Frame your photo, but don't use a frame
3. A Shape, any shape
4. Stitching
5. Doodles
6. 1 background paper
7. ribbon (at least 3)
8. word art
I love this photo, not for the high-def quality of it or the "perfect shot" but for the way the sunlight was just glowing off their faces and hair and how you can totally tell he adores the people he's with and that they love to be around him too. ^_^ This was an unusual moment for me, just one little picture. I'm sure I didn't do it justice, I'm no expert with the layering-around-a-photo thing. But I like it. :D

kit - Oh Happy Day by Amanda Resende
actions - cracked paint, rub on, stitches
fonts - Oh {Photo} Shoot, Howser

Then last night we had another speed scrap at BAM. The requirements for the speed scrap were:
1. Pick two pictures
2. Pick 4 papers, to use as you like
3. Use one picture in the background. Extraction, blending mode, as you like. Or play with the opacity.
4. Frame the other picture
5. You may use up to 8 different elements, not including word art or alphas.
6. Include something BLUE! (cuz this is me)
7. Journaling or title must include song lyrics
Ironically, the title of my page rhymes with the name of the kit I used. Subliminal messaging? *lol* I really like how it turned out. I don't mean to sound at all conceited, but it was so cool scrapping with a button I've actually held in my hand, and bows I tied and photographed and extracted, and stitches I took in a piece of plastic canvas. SO STINKIN FUN!

kit - Ready for Sun expansion kit by Kimi's Kreations (see where this is going? keep on reading!!)
actions - wild tear, small tear by Atomic Cupcake
fonts - His Name Is Honey, Goudy Stout
lyrics - "Ready to Run" by the Dixie Chicks (chorus)

And last but not least (for the layouts anyway) is a layout for the Weekly Challenge. The requirements for this one:
1. template by one of the BAM girls
2. graphic by one of the BAM girls
3. something yellow
4. black&white or sepia photo
5. personalize the font that you use in your title
This was a great challenge. I loved using all BAM stuff, and Kasie's template was gorgeous!

template - #3 by Kasie
bg paper and chunky square border - BCC1 Retro Rainbow by Kaelira
orange/green papers, string and star element - Playtime mini and expansion by geniaBeana (expansion to be released this weekend).
font - Goudy Stout, personalized with my own glitter. :)
actions - AC rub on used on date.

So as I mentioned once or twice, I got a little carried away while making things for the Color Challenge. And now that the blog train has left the station, I'm free to release the extras I'll be packing on to the minikit!

BAM-CC1 Ready For Sun Mix and Match Alphas
You may remember these alphas from earlier -- eight alpha sets to mix and match. This time, they've been separated out of their alpha sheets, unlike when I released them before. I also added in a few characters I missed last time.

Click on the preview to download!

EDIT: Link expired -- check my shop! :)

BAM-CC1 Glitter Styles
Yay for glitter! In this pack are 8 glitter styles for Photoshop in .asl format, as well as 8 .jpg sheets for use in any program. Feel free to use them for any of your projects, but personal use only please. ;)

Click on the preview to download!

EDIT: Link expired -- check my shop! :)

BAM-CC1 Ready For Sun Expansion Kit
This kit contains 16 papers and 21 unique elements. There are several different versions of some of the elements, but only one of each is included in the count. ;)

EDIT: Links expired -- check my shop! :)

I could really use some feedback from this stuff, so let me know what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see in the future! I'm tempted to add more to this but I'll save it for a future kit. *lol* This WAS supposed to be a minikit, after all. And as always, I would LOVE to see your layouts made with this kit, so feel free to send me an email or comment with a link so I can leave you some love! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Choo chooooo!

Time for a blog train!! This is BAM's first ever blogtrain, and we're all pretty new designers, so go easy on us ;) We weren't going to do this until tomorrow, but we just got so excited we couldn't wait!

Our first Color Challenge was to create a minikit with three papers, and three elements, using this palette created by geniaBeana:

We all came up with our own kit-theme and played around in our own styles. It's a short train but hopefully has some stuff you'll like! All aboard~

BabyAndMe Color Challenge #1 Blog-train - Kimi
My minikit is called "Ready for Sun!" It contains three glittery elements: one double-picture, clear acrylic frame with a flower embellishment, one sparkly flower doodle, and one sunshine. I hope you like it!

Click on the preview to download my portion of the train!

EDIT: Link expired -- check my shop! :)

Here are links so you can visit the rest of the ladies who participated. Remember to leave us some love if you enjoyed it! We'd love to do more of these in the future if people are interested! Oh, and if any of the postings aren't up yet, just be patient. ;) They'll be posting ASAP.

BAM Designers
geniaBeana Scraps
Kaelira's Digiscraps
Kimi's Kreations <--- you are here!
Scrap It Simply
Digital Designs by Me

Thanks for coming! Be sure to stop by in the next day or two, when I will be releasing my expansion kit to match this mini! I'll also be posting some matching glitter styles! Woot~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun With Glitter

So now for something completely random... I posted a while back that I got Art Rage, this lovely program that does gorgeous glitter that's just perfect for digiscrapping. I've been messing with it, and today, by request, I made a few pink glittery swirls and doodles for Sara's layout. I thought you might like to play with them. They don't really go with anything in particular, but they are a pretty shade of pink. :) They're very heartsy and girly, too.

Pink "Sara" Glitter Doodles
Included in this pack: Two corner swirls, two flower doodles, four random swirls, and a 1000x1000-pixel glitter sheet to play with however you like. :) You can easily make a pattern from it to use as a layer style or whatever. Personal Use only, please!

Click on the preview to download!

Coming up later this week (Friday, to be specific) I will be participating in my very first blog train! You've already seen a sneak peek with the two (or nine, depending on how you tally it up) alphas I've released already, but on Friday everyone who has participated in the BAM Color Challenge will post their minikits (3 papers, 3 elements each) in the blog train. There will be updates to my alphas, matching glitter styles, at least one huge addon courtesy of geniaBeana, and possibly a quickpage or two, so watch for it!! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Template 21

I've found a way faster method of making alphas in Photoshop, so I'm working on getting yesterday's alpha sheets separated out. It's driving me nuts to have to open the whole sheets just to get one letter out to mix and match with! *lol* So be on the watch for that. I've got all the alphas chopped up and just need to apply my method to the number/punctuation sheets. And make a better preview, because I don't know what I was thinking but that one is UGLY. Brown and yellow? Really, was I sleeping? Anyway, here's your freebie for today~

Template 21
This is a four-photo page with little postage-stamp mats and some paper strips to play with. I almost think it's too busy though. I don't know. I'd have to see it with pics in it.
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click on the preview to download!


Friday, March 20, 2009

New challenge LO and a pretty!

(LOL, this accidentally got posted blank, sorry if you came by while it was empty! I'm giggling over here.)

This week's weekly challenge at BAM was to use the kit "Sweet Springtime" by Summer Driggs. It was an 8x8 kit, however, so I didn't want to do a major page with it -- well, that and it's very girly, so I had to incorporate some of the girl cousins to keep my boys from being over-pinkified. *lol*

kit - Sweet Springtime by Summer Driggs
actions - Small Torn Edges by Atomic Cupcake
font - Smiley Monster from

So I'm still working on my minikit for Color Challenge #1, and I keep getting distracted with new actions and fun fonts, and making alphas! They're just too fun. Well, this week's freebie at Atomic Cupcake is Cracked Paint, and it happens to look awesome with the papers I'm making. So I made 8, yes EIGHT alpha sets, one for each color, for mixing and matching over the color-challenge LOs. I used the font "Tan Patty" from to make the alphas. They have not been separated out of their alpha sheets. The thought of separating out that many little files made my brain hurt, so I kept it simple. BUT if you're interested, here they are, all wrapped up together.

Mix & Match Alphas for BAM CC1
Click on the preview to download! (~47MB download)

EDIT: Link expired -- check my shop! :)

Have fun with it~ Let me know what you think!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Template 20~

This is a counterpart to Template 18, with the same background scheme. It was going to be linear, too, but it wonkified itself. ;) There's room for 9 pictures (seriously, what IS it with me and that number??) -- be aware of the one in the middle as it will be split in half. You don't want to lose any important details! I would make that one scenery, or an off-centered photo, unless you know the secret to seamless 12x24 printing.
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click on the preview to download!

Enjoy~ I will probably be back tomorrow with something else fun for you. :D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speed scrap and Template 19

We've been speed-scrap-happy lately! There was another one over on the forum last night. So fun! The directions went something like this:
-6 words, no more, no less
-5 papers, use them any way you want, however many times you want
-4 elements, unique, one use each.
-3 fasteners, the same or different
-2 photos
-1 shamrock in honor of St Patty's Day, however obvious or subtle you want it to be.

Did you find my shamrock? ;) These photos are from a second honeymoon my hubby and I took several years ago -- before kids! This is Puget Sound as seen from a ferryboat. Pretty, huh?

kit - Secret of the Sea collab from
stitches - directional stitches brushes by Scrappin Cop
actions - AC colored chrome
font - Milk & Cereal

And I did get around to making a template of last week's speed scrap!

Template 19
This one uncharacteristically only has room for 3 pictures. But there's a fun pattern on the left for your papers. It's not woven together or anything, but you can always layer it a couple of times and play with shadows. ;) There's also a shape included for one line of journaling, around the top right corner. As usual I've included a PNG version, but having seen a PNG-format template, I'm not sure I'm doing that part right. *lol* Sorry for any of you who've needed that!
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click on the preview to download!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A new pretty and a new freebie~

I've been speed-scrappin! I participated in my second speed-scrap at BAM the other day. The guidelines:
1. Choose 1 background paper. Then choose 3 more papers that will be used in the background.
2. Your page must contain 4 photos. They can all be differnt, or some can be duplicated.
3. Choose 1 element, and use it 3 times on your page.
4. Choose 2 fasteners. Use them as much as you like.
5. Choose 2 more elements. You can use these ones as much as you like!
Add as much journaling, word art, and title as you like!

My page:

Isn't he gorgeous? I love how the page turned out, but more than that I LOVE these pictures. *melts* Oh, and I will be making a template for this to be released later this week, if you're interested.
Used 2 kits: Diesel from Digital Candy, and Boys' Club by Sweet Blossom Designs.
Dark blue papers (2), cream folded paper from Diesel
Brown paper, splatters (used thrice), rubberband (extra element 1), screw fasteners (2 different ones), stitched lattice (extra element 2) from Boys' Club.
Fonts: Tracy, Antique Olive Compact
AC Simple Tear

Then, we have weekly challenges too. This week, the challenge was to scrap something using Shabby Princess' Promise kit. We also had to use the number 8. And we had to get creative as more and more people posted their layouts so we didn't copy anyone's idea. ;) Finally I hit on the idea for 8 months pregnant! This is my belly from when I was pregnant with my youngest. I love this belly, it was so big and round! It was like I swallowed a beach ball. One guy asked me if I had twins in there and was shocked when I said only ONE baby thank-you-very-much. It was also 1:30 am when I made this layout, so I was feeling like being snarky about it. *lol* (Oh and in case you're curious, this baby ended up weighing in at 10 lbs 1 oz at birth! LOL)

kit - Shabby Princess Promise Collection
font - Tracy
scraplift credit goes to Elly (Fireandiceshay) for the wrapped text around the belly!
...and nothing else!

One more, since I haven't shared this yet. This was for another weekly challenge, to scrap your best friend. Well, mine of course is my dear husband. I have mixed feelings about this one. Just not sure it's perfect yet. ;)

kit - "Diesel" by Digital Candy
font - Tracy (the big words are the Diesel alpha)

Oh, were you waiting for that freebie I mentioned in the title? Well FINE ;) Here you go!

Template 18
This one has a counterpart that will be released tomorrow or the next day, so if you see the same template twice they are actually different -- they just match each other. ;) Anyway, it's a clean and simple frameless template with room for 11 photos and a pretty kind of boxy thing behind it. Inspired by a wall at Jack in the Box, lol -- this is what happens when you sit too long at a fast-food place waiting for an oil change. I'd love to see this one with pics in it, so please let me know if you use it!
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click the preview to download!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's up with 4shared?

So my alpha is showing 0 downloads even after a test download and several comments implying downloads. Is it downloading correctly for you all? Are you able to open and use it? This happened to a friend of mine a few days ago. Has 4shared just stopped counting downloads for everyone? Or just a few people? Kinda sucks.

BAM Color Challenge #1

The mommy-forum I'm on (BabyAndMe forums) is having its first-ever Color Challenge. Genia Beana came up with a fun color palette, and we can either design a layout using those colors, or make a mini-kit with 3 papers, 3 elements, using the palette. I haven't finished with the kit yet, but I made an alpha today! I thought you might like to see it. :)

I had heard somewhere that making alpha sheets instead of individual images was "a HUGE space saver," so I decided to try making both options available. Uh, the sheets are almost the exact same filesize, and maybe a little bigger than the alpha that's cut up. Nevertheless, I realize that people have different preferences as to whether they like the alpha all together in sheets or split up separately, so I made you both! I'll compare the number of downloads each set gets to determine whether I continue this trend or not.

BAM Color Challenge #1 - Alpha
This is a transparent acrylic alpha with GLITTER! The font is "His Name is Honey" available free at Download links below the preview this time :)

EDIT: Links expired -- check my shop! :)

Have fun with it!! And keep watching -- I'll be releasing the minikit and possibly a larger kit later on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's up with me...

Miss me? Yeah, probably not ;) Unless Digifree or IkeaGoddess are sending people my way I'm sure this blog is pretty well stagnant. Anyway, the "break" has been good for me. I'll be back to designing in no time.

In digiscrap news, I found a copy of ArtRage 2 at Target for only $20! Woot, time to make me some GLITTER!! It's so fun to play with. I can't wait to make some elements with it. My upcoming kit will be very sparkly. ;) But that's okay, it goes with the theme.

Yes, I'm working on a kit. No, I'm not sure how it's going to turn out yet. :/ I had a request/suggestion from a friend that I thought would be fun, but I'm having a hard time getting specific inspiration for the elements. Perhaps it will be easier once I break out the overlays and make some papers.

Anyway, that's what's new with Kimi here. :) Hope to have at least an alpha or something fun for you this week.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Numbah 17

It's funny how focusing too much on one thing can burn you out. Today is going to be a busy day, followed by an even busier weekend. So this will be my last template for this week, and then I'm taking a break. I don't want to be sick of digiscrapping, but I'm coming perilously close. It's been a fun week, but I'm templated out for now. ;)

Template 17
The template so far with the highest downloads (over 100 more than any other) has been number 14, with the rounded edges. So I thought you might like another one similar to that. This has room for either 4 pictures and some paper squares, or 7 pictures in total. I hope you like it!
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click the preview to download!

Have a great weekend~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Template 16

I keep waking up in the morning with new ideas for templates in my head. Now if only I could get them in the evening, when I actually have time to make them into real layouts!

Template 16
Two pages, nice and wonky. 11 pictures again, go figure. *lol* This is based on the feedback I received from a few of you who commented. I hope you like it! No shadows included; they are shown on the preview only, to make the frames pop apart a little. Oh, and they're included in the PNG version. I hope that's okay!
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click the preview to download!

Time willing, I will probably finish out this week with a template every day. Just FYI. ;) Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Template 15

This post accidentally got deleted when I made a new post for Template 16 :( Sorry folks!

Template 16
One page, room for 11 pictures. I don't remember what else I said here! Argg.
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click the preview to download!

Template 4, Revisited

I'm template happy these days. ^_^ Elly asked me to help her make some modifications to Template 4, and gave me permission to post the results. So, idea credit for this one goes to her! Thanks Elly!

Template 14
Look familiar? Yep, it's Template 4 again, just flipped around a bit and transformed into a two-pager. Figures that the day after I say my templates will alternate between one and two pages, I do a second 2-page in a row. *lol* Anyway, it's very clean and simple, rounded corners, no frames.
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click the preview to download!

Enjoy~ I could really use some feedback about what kind of templates you'd like to see in the future. Do you like frames or no frames? I know y'all like lots of pictures. Linear layouts or wonky ones? Shadows or no shadows? Inquiring designers want to know. ^_^

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Unlucky Template!

Just kidding... I'm not really superstitious, and especially not about the number 13. First, some good news! My Template 12 was posted by IkeaGoddess yesterday! I'm honored. Thank you so much, Angie! I cannot believe how many downloads it already has. O_o Anyway, on to today's freebie!

Template 13
This is kind of a geometrically funky layout. It's a two-pager (my muse seems to be sending them alternating with the one-page LOs nowadays) with room for either 9 photos (I seem to really like that number, I always do it by accident and don't realize it until I count them up), or 5 photos and a bunch of papers.
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click the preview to download!

Have fun with it~ As always I'd be happy to see any layouts you might come up with!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Template 12

This template was inspired by the recent template freebie by Genia Beana Scraps. It doesn't look much like hers, but I always think of her when I do strippy papers. ^_^ Let me know how you like it! This has room for 4 pictures, one round and three with nice rounded edges. The paper strips are grouped together so you can just put papers right in.
6/11/09 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click the preview to download!

You know, that big circular picture just might work well with the circular reed frame in my Peaches & Cream kit... ;)

Happy scrapping!

"Walking" Layout

Wow, Peaches & Cream has over a hundred downloads already!! Apparently y'all didn't like the alphas as much though. ;) It's funny to compare the numbers of the different pieces of the kit. Thank you to EVERYONE who left me a comment! You have no idea how those brighten up my day. You are all awesome!! Feel free to let me know what kind of kits/color schemes you'd like to see in the future ;)

This was my entry for a challenge on a digiscrapping LJ-group I joined. The challenge was simply to use Shabby Princess' new kit for all of the elements and papers. It was awesome! I took these pictures a few weeks ago and even had them plugged into my template for a "finished" example to put on my blog... and then brain-squished when I tried out different kits with it. This one, as soon as I plugged in the polka-dots I knew it was The One. I love how it turned out! The little labels, especially, were endearing to me (please note the "Me" and "You" and where he is looking -- awww!)

Full Spread:

Left Page:

Right Page:

kit - "Happy Go Lucky" by Shabby Princess
fonts - none, I wrote "Walking" with the pen tool and cut it out of a brown paper for the "alpha"
actions - rub on, stitches and painted edge by Atomic Cupcake
template - Kimi's Kreations #09 available here

Thanks for looking!