Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kimi's Kreations TOU - Commercial Use

Kimi's Kreations COMMERCIAL TOU
Accompanying files copyright (c) 2009 Kimi Weldon
Last updated: 8/4/09
**THIS IS MY MOST UP-TO-DATE TOU. Check back here for updates as needed!**

Thank you so much for your purchase! I hope that you enjoy my digital scrapbooking supplies. Please read these Terms Of Use thoroughly and abide by them.

*The supplies you have downloaded accompanying this TOU are for COMMERCIAL USE. This means:
-YOU MAY keep these files on your personal computer(s), with one backup for your use only.
-YOU MAY use these files to make your own digital scrapbooking supplies and elements for use in kits for sale or as freebies, PROVIDED that credit is given to Kimi's Kreations somewhere in your TOU.
-YOU MAY use these files to create backgrounds/headers/blogwear for yourself and for others, provided that the original files are not shared.
-The original files MUST be altered to be included in one of your own kits. Example: You may sell elements made with my glitter; you may not sell the 12x12 glitter sheets or the .asl file.

*Please respect my rights as the designer and creator of these files. This means:
-DO NOT take credit for or assume rights to these files or any derivative of them. Altering, resizing, changing, rearranging, etc, does not make them your own. I retain all rights to my work.
-DO NOT redistribute the original files in any way, shape or form. You may not sell, trade, give away, or share these files. Please direct people to to find information about obtaining their own copy.
-DO NOT use these files for any purpose other than digital scrapbooking without contacting me first.

I would LOVE to see any layouts, kits or projects you make using my supplies!

If you have any questions about this TOU or anything else, please e-mail me: kimi dot weldon at gmail dot com.

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