Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kimi's Kreations TOU - Personal Use

Kimi's Kreations PERSONAL TOU
Digital files copyright (c) 2009 Kimi Weldon
Last updated: 10/19/09
**THIS IS MY MOST UP-TO-DATE TOU. Check back here for updates as needed!**

Thank you so much for your purchase! I hope that you enjoy my digital scrapbooking supplies. Please read these Terms Of Use thoroughly and abide by them.

*The supplies you have downloaded accompanying this TOU are for PERSONAL USE only. This means:
-YOU MAY keep these files on your personal computer(s), with one backup for your use only.
-YOU MAY use these files to make your own, personal use digiscrap layouts using, altering, resizing, or changing these files any way you like.
-YOU MAY upload your FLATTENED layouts to online sharing sites such as galleries, forums, etc. Please give credit for the graphics used to Kimi's Kreations.

*My designs are S4H/S4O friendly. This means:
-YOU MAY use these files to create gifts, projects, photobooks, layouts, and any other PRINTED projects for friends and family.
-YOU MAY use these files in your scrap-for-hire services, provided the final copy is given to the customer in a flattened format, such as a digital .jpg or a printed format.

*My designs can be used on the web, for LIMITED PERSONAL USE. This means:
-YOU MAY use my files to create backgrounds, headers, and blogwear for YOUR blog, provided that you are not selling or advertising any designs or products of your own creation at that site. DO NOT share the graphics you make or create blog backgrounds/headers, etc for hire or for others.
-YOU MAY use my files to create forum signatures and graphics to be attached to your personal profile. No credit is required for this use unlrdd someone asks, just don't claim them as your own.
-DO NOT use my files to advertise your own designs. This should go without saying -- use your own kits to advertise your own kits. ;)
-PLEASE e-mail me to let me know if you have used my graphics on your blog. I would love to see! :)

*Please respect my rights as the designer and creator of these files. This means:
-DO NOT take credit for or assume rights to these files or any derivative of them. Altering, resizing, changing, rearranging, etc, does not make them your own. I retain all rights to my work.
-DO NOT redistribute these files in any way, shape or form. You may not sell, trade, give away, or share this kit. Please direct people to to find information about obtaining their own copy.
-DO NOT use these files for any purpose other than personal digital scrapbooking without contacting me first.

Special thanks to the following designers for their commercial-use resources, which may or may not have been used in the creation of my kits:
Amanda Rockwell
Aubrey's Mom
Atomic Cupcake
C130 and ka05 of DeviantArt
Cindy Doerkson
Cindy Ritter
Cinnamon Designs
Delicious Scraps
Disasterpiece Studios
geniaBeana Scraps
Gunhild Storeide
Karen Stimson
Kevin and Amanda
Lara Payton
Micheline Martin
Nick Curtis
Obsidian Dawn
Phuong Ton
Rachael's Scraps
Royanna Fritschmann
Scrappin Cop
Sherri Tierney
Smashing Magazine
Studio Flergs
Thaty Borges
Theres K
Traci Murphy
Wendy Page
Wetfish Designs

I would LOVE to see any layouts or projects you make using my supplies!

If you have any questions about this TOU or anything else, please e-mail me: kimi dot weldon at gmail dot com.

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