Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update, new releases and a freebie!

Gosh, I am terrible about blogging lately! So much is happening all at once, everything's just crazy!! I'm hosting a Progressive Challenge at GDS twice a month, and that takes up a lot of my online energy -- most of my "extras" go toward participation prizes, so I don't have a ton of blog freebies left. But you get one today, never fear!

Sheesh, where do I start? Okay, well. Designers suddenly got a lot more freedom in managing our shops at GDS, so I was able to spam my own store with things I hadn't added yet. ^_^ All of my template packs are back!! This includes one new one, Pack 5, as well as the elusive Pack 4 that was only at MLAS for a little while. And in case you've managed to miss them all, you can grab my first Template Pack BUNDLE instead! It contains all FIVE of my template packs, for the price of 4! And for a few more days, all of my templates are on sale, 20% off!! Here's a preview of the bundle (linked) -- you can just click on my name at the top of the page to browse around for the individual templates!

What else is new? Well, geniaBeana and I have teamed up again for another awesome collab! It's called Hoo's My Girl -- a girly version of our first collab! Check it out:

Hoo's My Girl is 30% off for just a few more days, so be sure to snag it soon!

And one more thing before we get to that freebie I promised you... remember Tweenage Crisis, my collab with Mama Mia Mandy at MLAS? Well, as I am no longer at that store, we mutually decided to split the collab and sell the pieces individually. In the process, my kit magically transformed (cough cough, was revamped) into a larger kit with a few extra papers and elements! In addition, many of the things already in the kit have been updated and snazzified! (Yes, that is a word! ...okay, maybe not) Anyway, as with the rest, this kit is on sale 30% off for a little while longer, so head over and take a peek!

So that's what I've been up to lately, design wise... at least, that's what I can show you! I've got a few more adorable things that I can't wait to show off, but they won't be released for a little bit. I'll be back. ;)

Now FINALLY we can get to that freebie! It's been a long time!

Template 66
This template is clean and simple, with a circular mat and some pretty paperstrips. It has spaces for three photos. And remember, all of my new templates now have not just one but THREE sizes, so this download includes a 12x12, an 8.5x11, and an 11x8.5 version. Each version is in both PSD and PNG formats. This is a chubby little template! I hope you enjoy it!

Click on the preview to download!

I'm a little limited on time, so that's all for today. Happy scrapping~!!