Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Release Thursday~

For once I'm hitting the actual New Release day at MLAS instead of waiting until Saturday to be done with whatever I'm doing! Woohoo~

As mentioned previously, I have a new mini-kit going on sale today! I've babbled about it a bit already here, so if you want to know more, scroll back in my blog OR just click on the first preview to go directly to my shop and see for yourself! ;) As a new release, this kit is on sale at 20% off until next Wednesday -- a mere $2! Go and check it out~

This minikit also includes a full alpha and three chalky photomasks. Previews below:

I'm also releasing a new template pack today. This one's called "Focus on One" - multi-photo templates with mostly small photos, and one large one to focus on the main detail. All have thin-edged mats included. Again, this is on sale until Wednesday at only $1.60, so snag it while you can!

...But I wouldn't release a template pack without giving you a sample to try for yourself!

Template 50
This is a 5-photo template with one large photo and four small ones scattered around. Single-page, 12x12 inches, in PSD format and also now with proper PNG files! Remember, all of my templates now include PNGs, including the old ones, so if you've previously been unable to use them, you might want to go back and see if there are any you'd like to download now.

Click on the preview to download!

And lastly -- I'm finding myself in need of a few more scrappers, so I'm having a CT call! *** Note: My MLAS email is not currently working, so please send applications to kimi(dot)weldon(at)gmail(dot)com instead! Thanks!! ***

Kimi's Kreations is looking for a few fun, motivated scrappers!

CT Requirements:
-2 LOs per kit
-minimum 1 kit per month
-upload to 3 galleries - MLAS, DST, 1 of your choice
-check in and post links on private CT forum

If interested, please send the following to kimi(dot)weldon(at)gmail(dot)com:
-A short bio (tell me a little about yourself!)
-A link to your favorite gallery
-A link to your blog, if you have one
-Any CTs you are currently on

This call will end June 24th. Hope to hear from you soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


MyLifeAndScrap has a new RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) section! I've posted a thread there with a chance to win a new minikit that will be released on Thursday. This is a whimsical, doodle-y mini called Sidewalk Chalk. It will include 5 "concrete" papers, 24 chalk-scribbled elements, 3 chalky photomasks, and an alpha. You can enter for a chance to win over at MLAS, in this thread. Entries on this blog will not be counted this time, so make sure to check it out at MLAS! While you're there, why not take a look at some of their awesome contests? ;)
Here's the preview:

Good luck!

Otherwise, come back on Thursday to see this week's new releases and snag a template freebie!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hurray!! All of my kits, glitter and templates are QC-approved at MLAS! This means they've undergone a detailed check to make sure they are absolutely the best quality for you. :) And this includes.... LEMONBERRY FIZZ!

That's right, I am FINALLY done with my new kit! It's colorful, full of fizzy goodness, and QC approved. ;) Special thanks to Laura for doing the QC for me!

The kit and glitter are both 30% off until Wednesday, so go check it out!!

The kit also includes a pretty pair of alphas in warm and cool colors:

For those of you just stopping by for the freebies, check this out! It's a pack of pretty solids that match the papers in the kit! (FYI: If you buy the kit, this addon is included.)

Lemonberry Fizz Add-on Paper Pack
This paper pack includes 8 gorgeous solids, in all the colors of my new kit. They are 12x12" and suitable for all your scrapping needs. :)

Click on the preview to download!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm told that some of the files in my shop are down at the moment while I undergo a quality check at MLAS. I can still see them, but in case they're not working for anyone, that's why.

I figured out something new! I just learned the quick way to make PNG files out of my template layers! Hurray!! From this point on, I will be including the layers as PNG files in my templates, for NON-Photoshop users! I'm in the process of updating all of my old templates (yep, even all the old freebies), but it may take a while. I'll add a note to each of my templates when it's been updated.
Update 6/12/09: All of my previous freebie templates have now been updated! :)

Also, this may be obvious, but I am not able to release Lemonberry Fizz today :( The quality check was not difficult, but I did have to update some elements and completely redraw the glitter swirls for Beautiful Blues, so I didn't have time to finish all of my elements last night. I'm still hoping to have it out by Saturday at the latest. Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And the winner is....

And the final name is: Lemonberry Fizz!

This name was inspired by two entries, "Lemonberry Blue" and "Kiwi Berry Fizz," so PatsFanGran and dweber, YOU WIN!! Both of you get a free copy of the kit!!

There were so many awesome entries, I just had to pick a few of you to get a little something extra. These titles were awesome, just didn't inspire me for this particular kit as much. The following three users get a coupon for 40% off any order in my shop!
-mmarti2564 for the suggestion "Popsicle Punch"
-Tiscia for the suggestion "Barefoot in the Park"
-erin for the suggestion "Ocean Sunrise"

Honorable Mention: My CT member Marie's suggestion Sherbet Fizz made me look twice at my kit and see how fizzy it was! Thanks, Marie!

I also must say, I loved all the references to sherbet/sorbet! But since I didn't have a raspberry-sherbet color in this kit, I decided to save that one for later :)

And for the rest of you, keep an eye on this blog for a special coupon code when the kit is released -- plus an extra little something for participating!

Congratulations, everyone!! And thank you SO much for participating. I'm feeling inspired again! :)

Winners, please either comment on this entry or send a note to kimi at mylifeandscrap dot com to let me know where I can send your coupon! As soon as the kit is released, I'll be sending out coupon codes, so just let me know where to send them!! You can also PM me at MLAS (Kimi) if you'd rather not give me your e-mail address. Just let me know your Blogger name so I know it's you. :)

Today is my son's fourth birthday! Yayyyy! I'm hoping to have the kit out by Thursday, but I'll keep you posted on how that goes. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday~

Today is my 26th birthday! Man, I feel like I have to be a grown-up now. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that for my birthday I decided to release a template pack for you all. The freebie that matches is on my previous entry, along with a great contest giveaway, so make sure to check that out!

Template Pack #2 includes templates 46, 47, 48 and 49, all multi-photo templates (no less than 6 photos each!) with rounded corners. It's on sale until Wednesday, a steal at $1.60, so click the preview to check it out in my store!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Who doesn't love a giveaway?

Hey guys! I could really use your help. And in return, you'll get my newest kit for FREE!

Said kit is still in progress, but I've hit a snag -- I can't think of a title! The title often shapes the most interesting elements, so that's a pretty big snag. The kit can't be finished without a good title! That's where you come in. This is my very first...


Here's how it works: Take a look at the preview below and come up with a great title. Post it here at my blog. The person whose title I use will win the finished kit -- absolutely free! This contest will run until Monday, June 8th at 11:30pm (PST). I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning, and when the kit is released (hopefully by next Thursday!), the winner will get a coupon code to be the first to download!

Sound good? Here's the preview of what I've got so far:
***Preview removed, thanks for playing!***
And a side note: The hard part? Since I already have a "Ready for Sun!" kit, I'd like to AVOID using the words "sun" and "summer" if at all possible. ;)

Since you've been so kind as to come visit me, here's a freebie for you~

Template 45
This is a multi-photo template (what else is there?) with room for six rounded-corner photos, and thin-edged mats. Pretty clean and simple, with a little wonky thrown in. ;)
6/11 - This template has been updated and now includes both the original PSD and new PNG files.

Click on the preview to download!