Monday, May 16, 2011


Thank you to those of you who clicked over to last week's auction! I really appreciate it.

The auction part is over, but if anyone out there is still interested, you can now buy my store on "Quick Sale" for $40. It will be up for the duration of the auction, and as before, all sales will go directly to my sister Colleen, who is fighting a battle with cancer. She just had a bone marrow/stem-cell transplant and is on the long road to recovery. Her family of 5 needs all the help they can get at this time, and this is one way I hope I can help.

The auction is here: Funds For Colleen and you can find my digiscrap kits at the bottom of the auctions, under the heading "Quick Sale." You just have to leave a comment on the post, donate $40 to Colleen, and I'll email you links to download my entire digiscrap store. That simple :)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Can you hear the squeaky, rusty hinges on the door of this blog? It's been so long since I've done ANYTHING digiscrappy! I miss it! I really burned myself out with designing, trying to do it full-time and manage a full-time young family too. I wasn't ready. I'm still not.

However.... if anyone is still out there, still checking this dusty old tumbleweed of a blog... you might be interested in this.

You see, to make a long story short, my sister has cancer. She is undergoing a bone marrow/stem-cell transplant as we speak, and I am helping to organize an auction for her and her small family, to help cover the expenses of being away from their home for a few months while she recovers. The auctions run once a week, and until now my main contribution to them has been crocheted items (my new obsession, hee).

Then this week rolled around, and I had nothing planned -- until I chanced to light my eye upon my Digiscrap folder. Lightbulb!

Anyone want to buy my store? :) I haven't sold any kits in a year and a half, I haven't seen the light of day in the digiscrap world in nearly all that time, but they are all still the same as ever, just as good! This week's auction has a Buy-My-Store for Kimi's Kreations, starting at only $25. For all of my kits, templates, add-ons, alphas, glitters, and all, this is quite a steal! Of course, for Colleen's sake I am hoping the price will go a little higher than that. ;)

In case you missed that, the auction is here: Funds For Colleen

And just in case Digifree is still popping through here on a daily basis.... here's a little freebie to entice you to look further~

Doodlebug Metal Alpha
Remember Doodlebug? My favorite kit, ever. This was one of the two alphas included in the kit, and of course is a part of the Buy-My-Store fundraiser auction -- along with much, much more! Please do have a look.

Click on the preview to grab this alpha!

If you have any interest in individual kits, please let me know. I would be happy to cross-donate them to you individually with your donation to Colleen's fundraiser. If anyone wants this option, I can set up a "price" list or a "shop" page here on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping~!