Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Life and Scrap~

So it's official! I now have a shop!! I'll be selling my designs at My Life and Scrap as of Thursday, May 28th (two days from now). For those of you who follow this blog and might be concerned about what's going to happen to my freebies, here's a rundown:
-I won't be releasing large kits on the blog any more. For the color challenges, I will still give away the minikits as freebies, but the addon/expansions that I do will go up in the shop instead.
-I WILL still have freebies. For every kit I put up in the shop, I will do an add-on or a sampler to put here on the blog for you.
-I am removing links to the kits I'm putting up in the shop, such as Ready For Sun and Beautiful Blues.
-The templates aren't going anywhere! All of the ones I've released so far will still be here on the blog. In the future, I'll make a coordinating template pack to put in the shop, and one template freebie to go with it here on the blog.

So the freebies will still be around. The difference is that I'll be doing some selling, too. :D Grand opening is in two days, folks! I'll keep you posted and pop up a link here once there's something for you to see!

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