Monday, May 16, 2011


Thank you to those of you who clicked over to last week's auction! I really appreciate it.

The auction part is over, but if anyone out there is still interested, you can now buy my store on "Quick Sale" for $40. It will be up for the duration of the auction, and as before, all sales will go directly to my sister Colleen, who is fighting a battle with cancer. She just had a bone marrow/stem-cell transplant and is on the long road to recovery. Her family of 5 needs all the help they can get at this time, and this is one way I hope I can help.

The auction is here: Funds For Colleen and you can find my digiscrap kits at the bottom of the auctions, under the heading "Quick Sale." You just have to leave a comment on the post, donate $40 to Colleen, and I'll email you links to download my entire digiscrap store. That simple :)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Can you hear the squeaky, rusty hinges on the door of this blog? It's been so long since I've done ANYTHING digiscrappy! I miss it! I really burned myself out with designing, trying to do it full-time and manage a full-time young family too. I wasn't ready. I'm still not.

However.... if anyone is still out there, still checking this dusty old tumbleweed of a blog... you might be interested in this.

You see, to make a long story short, my sister has cancer. She is undergoing a bone marrow/stem-cell transplant as we speak, and I am helping to organize an auction for her and her small family, to help cover the expenses of being away from their home for a few months while she recovers. The auctions run once a week, and until now my main contribution to them has been crocheted items (my new obsession, hee).

Then this week rolled around, and I had nothing planned -- until I chanced to light my eye upon my Digiscrap folder. Lightbulb!

Anyone want to buy my store? :) I haven't sold any kits in a year and a half, I haven't seen the light of day in the digiscrap world in nearly all that time, but they are all still the same as ever, just as good! This week's auction has a Buy-My-Store for Kimi's Kreations, starting at only $25. For all of my kits, templates, add-ons, alphas, glitters, and all, this is quite a steal! Of course, for Colleen's sake I am hoping the price will go a little higher than that. ;)

In case you missed that, the auction is here: Funds For Colleen

And just in case Digifree is still popping through here on a daily basis.... here's a little freebie to entice you to look further~

Doodlebug Metal Alpha
Remember Doodlebug? My favorite kit, ever. This was one of the two alphas included in the kit, and of course is a part of the Buy-My-Store fundraiser auction -- along with much, much more! Please do have a look.

Click on the preview to grab this alpha!

If you have any interest in individual kits, please let me know. I would be happy to cross-donate them to you individually with your donation to Colleen's fundraiser. If anyone wants this option, I can set up a "price" list or a "shop" page here on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping~!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey everyone!! Head on over to my store right now for my LAST DAY sale! Everything is marked down to $1 or less (excluding collabs) - November 30th ONLY! Snag 'em while you can!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saying goodbye, for now...

I've been putting off this moment for as long as I could. The time has come for me to retire from digiscrap designing, at least for the time being. I hope to come back to it someday, as this is a dream come true for me, but sometimes dreams have to wait until you have time. I've got little ones who need more time than I've had lately.

So this is goodbye for now. But not forever, I hope! :) You'll probably see me around here, popping into challenges now and then -- I can't stay away from scrapping!

But there's good news too! My entire store (excluding collabs) will be 50% off until it closes indefinitely on November 30th. Even if I do come back someday, there's no guarantee you'll ever see these kits again! So if you've been hemming and hawing about any of my kits, now's the time! :)

Speaking of my kits -- my DSD grab bag has finally split open! You can now grab the various pieces individually -- and at a pretty decent price with the sale going on!

Here's what's "new" in store:

Tomorrow, a new Designer Collab will be hitting the stores at GDS. You'll be able to snag my portion for just $2! Here's a sneak peek of my piece of the collab:

Cute, huh? Be sure to watch for it!

And one more piece of "news" -- I now have a newsletter!! It seems a little backwards to be getting one NOW, but if I do have free time for designing, I'm not going to have anywhere to put any of the lovely kits I might make! Subscribe to my newsletter via the link to your right, and you'll receive news about what I might be up to in the design world in the future. I promise not to spam you. ;) In fact, I most likely won't post that often. But until I start selling again (whenever that may be) you'll get everything I might design for myself -- for free! And you'll have an insider's info if I ever do hop back into a store! Anyway, on to today's freebie!

Template 72
Made from a layout I'm making for the annual year-end photobook. This is my little one's birthday layout! Lots of pictures, some fun bubbly shapes -- and that circle picture replaces a cutout of his birthday cake! :) As usual, this template is in PNG and PSD formats, and comes in three sizes -- 8.5x11 and 11x8.5 as well as 12x12. Enjoy!!

Click on the preview to download!

You haven't seen the last of me -- I've got my own scrapping to do now, which means more templates for you! So happy scrapping!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy iNDSD!!

iNSD, DSD, iNDSD ... the initials get scrambled in my head, but HAPPY DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY tomorrow!! has so much fun planned for the whole weekend! I get to host a Scrap-a-Thon!! Seven challenges in one weekend, for a chance to win one of a few $7 store coupons! There's also DSD Bingo, a party/chat, a 50% off sale (tomorrow only!), and all sorts of fun! You can find the DSD forum right here! Jump in and play with us! Oh, and here's the official ad, isn't it cute? (I made it, mostly with the contents of my DSD grab bag)

Meanwhile, I have so much new stuff to show you! I mentioned my DSD grab bag already, so I'll show you that first. This is ALREADY on sale for 50% off, until Monday!

The specific contents are a secret, but they add up to $15 worth of product. This bag is really stuffed! It contains:
-a full kit and matching alpha
-a CU glitter pack
-a template pack
-a set of grungy photo masks
-a set of multi-photo layered frames
Here's a sneak peek -- layouts made by my CT using only the contents of the grab bag!

Didn't they do a FANTASTIC job??

I have a bunch of other new products in my store, so be sure to peek around! There are loads of new alphas, new quickpages, and things like that. One thing, though, I just added today. Remember my oooooold kits, Ready for Sun, Beautiful Blues, and Sidewalk Chalk?? They don't reflect my current design style anymore, so I retired them after I switched from MLAS. But I never got to have a goodbye sale, and a couple of people have asked me about them. If you are missing any of these kits, now is your last chance to grab them, for only $3!! They will be gone forever on November 30th, so act fast.

Here's a little sneak peek of the new stuff you'll find in my store:

I hope you see something you like! :D Now, I believe you came for a freebie? Thanks for scrolling through all this. :)

Template 71
This template is a multi-photo one based on a layout I'm working on. It has room for 7 photos! It comes in PSD and PNG format. It also comes in three sizes -- 12x12, 8.5x11, and 11x8.5. Have fun scrapping!

Click on the preview to download!

Have a fun and happy iNDSD!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update, new releases and a freebie!

Gosh, I am terrible about blogging lately! So much is happening all at once, everything's just crazy!! I'm hosting a Progressive Challenge at GDS twice a month, and that takes up a lot of my online energy -- most of my "extras" go toward participation prizes, so I don't have a ton of blog freebies left. But you get one today, never fear!

Sheesh, where do I start? Okay, well. Designers suddenly got a lot more freedom in managing our shops at GDS, so I was able to spam my own store with things I hadn't added yet. ^_^ All of my template packs are back!! This includes one new one, Pack 5, as well as the elusive Pack 4 that was only at MLAS for a little while. And in case you've managed to miss them all, you can grab my first Template Pack BUNDLE instead! It contains all FIVE of my template packs, for the price of 4! And for a few more days, all of my templates are on sale, 20% off!! Here's a preview of the bundle (linked) -- you can just click on my name at the top of the page to browse around for the individual templates!

What else is new? Well, geniaBeana and I have teamed up again for another awesome collab! It's called Hoo's My Girl -- a girly version of our first collab! Check it out:

Hoo's My Girl is 30% off for just a few more days, so be sure to snag it soon!

And one more thing before we get to that freebie I promised you... remember Tweenage Crisis, my collab with Mama Mia Mandy at MLAS? Well, as I am no longer at that store, we mutually decided to split the collab and sell the pieces individually. In the process, my kit magically transformed (cough cough, was revamped) into a larger kit with a few extra papers and elements! In addition, many of the things already in the kit have been updated and snazzified! (Yes, that is a word! ...okay, maybe not) Anyway, as with the rest, this kit is on sale 30% off for a little while longer, so head over and take a peek!

So that's what I've been up to lately, design wise... at least, that's what I can show you! I've got a few more adorable things that I can't wait to show off, but they won't be released for a little bit. I'll be back. ;)

Now FINALLY we can get to that freebie! It's been a long time!

Template 66
This template is clean and simple, with a circular mat and some pretty paperstrips. It has spaces for three photos. And remember, all of my new templates now have not just one but THREE sizes, so this download includes a 12x12, an 8.5x11, and an 11x8.5 version. Each version is in both PSD and PNG formats. This is a chubby little template! I hope you enjoy it!

Click on the preview to download!

I'm a little limited on time, so that's all for today. Happy scrapping~!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

All that glitters... on SALE! From now until the end of September, all of my glitter packs, INCLUDING custom glitter, are 50% off! That prices some of them as low as 75 cents! If you've ever wanted to try out my glitter, now's the time! Here's my store!

And I have something even more exciting to show you -- a new kit is in store today!! It's called Doodlebug, and I looooove it. It's full of some of my favorite colors, nice warm-toned metal, and elements that work well for either girls OR boys! And it's on sale 20% off for one week! Click on the preview to head to my store!

The kit comes with two awesome alphas, which will be available separately at some point in the near future:

I didn't give my CT members much warning on this one, so I'll come back on Monday with their amazing LOs. Until then, a little bird told me you *might* have a chance to win this kit for free, over at ;)

If you'd like a small sample of what's in Doodlebug, I'm handing out this awesome sampler as a participation prize for my current Progressive Layout Challenge over at GDS! Follow the steps, post your LO, and you'll get the sampler -- it's that easy! :)

Here's what the sampler looks like:

This time, we're working with white space. Here's the LO I did for the challenge:

"In Your Arms" by Dani Alencar
bits and pieces of stitches from my kits, recolored
title font - Sidewalk

Thanks for looking! :)